Our Design Process

Once you give us the green light to book you into our calendar the following happens…  


We create one client account for you called Basecamp thru Asana. This is our project management system where all of the project communication, file uploads, and basically everything happens. You will receive an email invites to gain access.


We send your down payment invoice to you so we can begin and we bill via Square invoicing to your email. Note: Depending on the size of your project, down payments can be anywhere from 50% down to 33% down. If your project is under $500.00 we bill for the total to begin. If it’s between $500.00 and $3000.00 we bill for 50% to begin and projects over 3k will be broken into thirds.

Next we will upload your design .docs to Basecamp. This is essentially homework for you. I know, I know, you’re thinking homework? But these .docs are important tools we use through out the design process to gain good insight into your structure and style preferences. We will help you through this section so you can stay organized, this is one of the most important steps in the process. We can not go forward without this information so it’s vital.

Next, we upload your design contract. The contract consist of our TOS and outlines every single thing you’re getting in the design package you chose. Packages are customizable so your contract will reflect if we have customized your package. You can sign this and fax it back, scan it and upload to Basecamp or email or snail mail it to us if you prefer. Sample contracts can be provided for your review so you can ask questions before booking. Once we have the big three back, your down payment, your .doc homework, and your contract we can begin designing.  


During this step we will walk you through purchasing your hosting, pointing your domain (if this is a redesign, we will help you set up a temporary domain to build on) and then we will install your software. If we are doing a budget template for you this is the phase where we help you choose a template to work off of.


We normally start with logo branding, we will send you 3 design concepts based off of your homework responses to get the ball rolling. Once the logo is branded or if you are not needing logo branding, we will then do the structure of your site, starting with the header, footer and the background of the homepage. For each step, we will upload mocks and proofs to your project for you to review. Remember with us you get UNLIMITED revisions until you-you approve. Once you approve and sign off on all mock-up we then move to phase 3.  


Once the art is done and ready to be turned into a functioning website, we will bill for the final or second payment (depends on your package size). Once payment is receivedwe will start installing the design. With wordpress we start with the homepage and install that first and then we work on interior pages if you have contracted us for those. When everything is built, we will then have review time. This is your chance to test the site and request small changes on things like alignment or spacing. Once the changes are approved we take your site live!  


Don’t hesitate to ask questions on anything you’re not sure about. Just contact us!