New Site Launch: Praise Tea!

Project Name: Praise Tea

Praise Tea was founded on the fundamental focus on educating consumers on tea, its medicinal benefits and sharing hospitality through the lost art of “taking tea”. We offer everything from traditional tea ware to the contemporary chic, specialty tea infused chocolates and cookies to tea accessories. You’re sure to find something you will love. Our commitment to you is to provide superior flavor and the highest quality in loose leaf teas from around the world, selecting fine certified organic and fair trade teas when available.

What we did:

  • Magento & WordPress Install
  • Logo Branding
  • Full Web Design
  • eCommerce
  • Blog Design and Install (going live soon)
  • Print Design
  • Illustrations

Cool Contest!

My Sister-in-law sent me an email today letting me know about this contest for Pammy J’s Boutique Clothing. In the end my sister sent in 3 designs. You could tell all these women really put alot of time and effort into these designs just like all the small business owners I’ve designed for over the years. So when you get a minute stop on over and vote for one of these designs and keep supporting WAHM’s. Voting is until June 30th!!! :D

Orphan works bill = art theft

Whether you’re a professional artist, or someone that once took a few photos you think are rad, you should know about some new legislation facing Congress.

Currently before Congress stands the new Orphan Works Bill. If passed, this bill will adversely affect visual artists, as it would drastically affect copyright laws.

Right now, anything you create is protected by copyright, whether you register it or not (although if you don’t register it, you cannot later claim copyright infringement.) Under this new legislation, nothing you create would be protected unless you commercially register it. You would have to pay to own rights to anything you create, commercially or just for your own pleasure, so that other people cannot steal your work.

The idea behind the Orphan Works Bill is to “free up old work” from copyright owners who have passed away (currently copyright laws last through the owners lifetime, plus 70 years.) But what if you’re still alive and making new work? You basically get screwed. In a sense, it will “orphan” anything you have ever created. Unless you want to digitize all your work, or pay big bucks to register your creativity, you’ll want to check out more on this legislation. A good clearinghouse of info can be found HERE.

~ Article by Juxtapose Art & Culture Magazine – click HERE to view.