Some Local Design Love

Here are a few designs we have done more recently for some local shops and groups! So far it has gone without a hitch, which is great. Not everyone knows how to work with a graphic designer, and they sometimes are a little too picky, or we might get contradictory feedback. That could very easily turn what seemed like a quick job at first into a nightmare. We have started by working locally, so we were a little worried we might run into these types of costumers. We put a lot of work into our graphic designs, and so far people have been happy with the results which is amazing.

We’re thinking as work comes along we will be able to stretch out our reach a bit more. Thanks to the internet posting the services we provide as available to a wider range of people is not a problem. We mainly would be worrying about being able to meet demand, so we’ll roll out slowly and see how it progresses. Hopefully we don’t leave money on the table, and people continue to like our work. It has been an enjoyable business venture for us so far that we hope we can continue to live off of for years to come!


Tartx CartKeeper Shop Design…

We were thrilled when Tiffini and Eric contacted us to help re-design their existing website into the site they had envisioned. Tiffini is a wonderful artist and her whimsy and creative thinking made this one of our favorite projects to work on.

Congrats to Tartx for creating and growing such a wonderful business for the past ten years, and an even more wonderful partnership in business and especially marriage, for the past 20!

Check out Tartx here!

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