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Welcome to

Wicked Cool Studios!

One day “Jane Smith” decided it was time to start that new website she had always dreamed about. She was a bit unsure where to begin so she decided to consult Mr. Google, the know it all wizard that lived in her computer. Excited and ready to get started, Jane asked Mr. Google what she should do first. Simple question really, right? But Jane didn’t receive the answer she wanted. Instead Mr. Google started talking in a strange language and confused poor Jane. CSS? SEO? XHTML? What did all this mean?

Pretty soon Jane started feeling a bit overwhelmed. She wasn’t aware of it yet but she was suffering from SEO, a common affliction among new website owners known as “Search Engine Overload”. If only Jane had come to Wicked Cool Studios first, she wouldn’t be sitting in a corner mumbling to herself with boggled brains. Don’t make the same mistake as poor Jane. We can save you from boggling your brains and give you a wicked cool website as well!

Our services are designed to give you the whole shebang so you are left with a beautiful and functional website with no regrets.

Check out some artwork we did for the Fabulous Minx, a local Tulsa, OK band. Stay fabulous!…